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New England Shrinkwrap

Taunton, MA

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New England Shrinkwrap

Professionally Installed Shrink Wrap Covers

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E: info@newenglandshrinkwrap.com

Shrink Wrap Recycling

New England Shrink wrap is committed to recycling 100% of the shrink wrap plastic that we generate as waste and urge our customers to recycle their covers when removed.  Recycling this material is easy and cost effective and because of the premium quality of the shrink wrap plastic it is a sought after commodity in the recycling industry.  The key is to properly recycle the cover which means removing ALL non shrink wrap components such as the woven banding material used in many of the support structures as this material can cause damage to the recycling equipment.  For more on this please click here to read an article on Examiner.com.  Many States have implemented shrink wrap recycling programs especially in the marine industry and as the use of shrink wrap expands into many other industries new programs will need to be developed to ensure that this material stays out of our landfills.  If you would like to recycle your shrink wrap cover but don’t know the proper way to do it, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

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